Visual identity

Thinking, making, building. Shaping identities and coding experiences that are equal parts form and function—your own sweet blend of chaos and control.

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What we do?

We give consideration to all the visual elements of your brand – logo, colours, typography, photography, illustration – to ensure each element works together cohesively, and reflects your brand’s purpose and personality.

Why does it matter?

A clear and solid visual identify helps make your brand recognisable. Whether it’s the logo mark or photography style, it should feel recognisable as yours, so your audience begins to identify it without the need to be told it’s your brand. Depending on where it sits, your identity needs to be able to scale to be a single mark of your brand, such as your app icon, or a full campaign bringing together multiple elements. This scaling needs to happen seamlessy across multiple channels and applications, while always feeling true to itself.

What we offer

  • Brand assets
  • Iconography
  • Typography
  • Illustrations
  • Illustrations
  • Art direction

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