Shaping the way we live

How we live is changing. Dublin is expected to see the majority demand for 1 and 2 person households account for 74.9% of preferences by 2029*. With a rapidly growing population and insufficient housing pipeline Newmarket Yards (NMY) aims to help address the shortfall.

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NMY inhabits the inner Dublin neighbourhood of The Liberties, one of the city’s oldest areas. We partnered with NMY to help deliver genuine purpose-designed accommodation that lives up to Dublin City Council’s vision of Newmarket becoming a high-quality multi-functional market square and city-wide destination.

With a rich historical fabric, the identity needs to sensitively tread the line between celebrating the past while generating new life and purpose for the location. Our approach was to tap into the sentiment of The Liberties. It’s been home to makers, storytellers, traders and cultural builders.

NMY is for the makers of tomorrow, for people who are shaping the way we live.


The identity itself is drawn from the shapes of the physical space and becomes a symbol of shift and transition. The colour palette is defined by contrast, using black and white to reflect the premium nature of the offer while drawing on a secondary palette that adds colour and takes inspiration from the local area. Photography uses black and white for people to bridge a link to the past while spaces are heroed in full colour to feel future-focused and set a new tone for renting expectations.


The visual identity balances the sanctuary with the social and uses a clear toolkit and system to easily move between the two edges. The sanctuary of living in considered spaces offering an ease of living with all the premium touches and the social interaction and energy from the shared living spaces. Spaces that focus on bringing people together to encourage community but also offer wellness — from hubs, cinemas and gyms to rooftop retreat spaces with running tracks, relaxation spaces and gardens.

Typography uses regular and italic weights across two primary typefaces to create a sense of conversation and allow for play with emphasis creating rhythm across communications. Local ties are celebrated through a series of conversations with neighbours including Teeling Distillery and Pallas Projects/Studios that are captured throughout the brochure and website.

Many thanks to Bain Capital and Carrowmore Property for a great brief and their collaboration throughout.

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*Future analytics report 2020: Build to Rent Sector Dublin 8