Infinite possibility

Amply is a high-growth adtech business, combining tech infrastructure with relevant content for publishers and new media players. But adtech is a ‘dirty word’, the open web is being reshaped, and Amply’s brand was built on a legacy product.


Amply needs to change the conversation. From dirty word to built-in breadwinner. And to imagine the end game – bringing together audiences, publishers, and brands. We defined Amply’s new mission — ‘create moments of value for audiences that matter, everywhere it counts’ — acknowledging the scale of its ambition while putting the end user front and centre. They are the integrated platform delivering content that moves audiences to act — helping publishers make audiences count for more, businesses engage untapped audiences where it matters and assisting audiences to discover deeper and experience better. 


Slicing through the noise, Amply is an instigator and an explorer seeking out deeper experiences and new audiences. It recognises a single moment as the trigger for an endless chain reaction. A nudge can tip into motion a wave of discovery and action. It moves with purpose and precision, distilling data and illuminating answers. It’s a beacon of clarity in an endless expanse. 


Driven by the brand principles of ‘Always adding’, ‘Hungry optimists’ and ‘Seriously savvy’, we created rules of engagement to guide how Amply shows up, behaves and operates.

Instigate: Amply is the trigger, so make its role active. Put it front and centre of the action.

Go deeper: Think of Amply as an explorer. Talk about new ideas and new frontiers. Help our audiences to discover with us.

Pack a punch: We may be high-tech, but we’re human. Our savvy personality cuts through with sharp wit.


The brand’s most distinctive asset ‘the Amply ecosystem’ represents the idea of an ever-evolving, interactive ecosystem. It exists in four modes used throughout the identity: Interact, Explore, Distil and Elevate. It is the focal point in high-impact applications and is used across all hero messaging, in conjunction with the green Amply Marker.


Alongside establishing a new brand platform and identity we activated the brand across several touchpoints. We developed a series of sales and investor decks, animations, event collateral and digital marketing templates. The new website brings the ecosystem to life through creative coding allowing endless iterations and interactions.