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Why we rebranded

Rebranding can be a daunting prospect. How will the change build new relationships but not alienate our existing ones?

How will it impact on reputations and on existing awareness? 

Will it connect? 

Do we have the resources and time to dedicate to it? 

We help our clients do it all the time and understand the concerns, benefits and excitement it can generate. And it was no different when it came to our own. Heading into our 10th year, it seemed like the ideal time to not just reflect on ourselves as an agency but to actually do something about it. 

Then along comes a pandemic… It was time to jump head first or take a pause and see how things play out. Feeling bold, we went with the former and after many, many months of hard work and effort we’re really pleased to finally be launching our new brand and website. It’s a big step forwards in a new and exciting direction. 

our story

We’ve spent a long time discussing how we work together, the sectors we work in currently, those we want to break into and all the ways in which we’d like to nurture talent and develop ourselves as individual creatives and as a team.

Taking an objective footing, we stepped back and looked honestly at all aspects of the business to really hone in on our strengths as a team, and also the ambitions we had for the future. With renewed clarity of purpose, we set about writing defined the story that best speaks to our nature: a team that marries strategic and creative thinking to build brands that deliver. 

& Order

After a series of internal workshops and many conversations we identified that the juxtaposition of ‘noise’ with ‘order’ best represented us as a whole. 

As an internal philosophy, it means we create beautiful, bespoke and striking communication solutions for our clients—but we’re also very aware that this needs to be backed up by tangible and actionable foundations. It helps us create brands that deliver—on business objectives, on ambitions, and on helping our clients stand out in their category. 


What it means

For our client relationships, noise is the creative energy we channel to ensure our clients are heard loud and clear by the audiences who matter. Order speaks to the simple, proven, reliable structure we give to the creative process and how we support our clients to be bold and innovative with the reassurance of clear, credible creative outputs.

For our team it means looking at all the elements of a brand and understanding how they’ll work together to create balance. Creating brand outputs that can scale with and amplify a business in the right way at the right time. Understanding the sometimes delicate balance of communicating to stakeholders with absolute clarity, and creating the moments of magic that brands need to grab attention. 

It reflects our culture within the studio, enabling us to define ourselves as the loud thinkers. We’re a team of logic lovers, daring dreamers and goal getters. Always ready to get going, real in how we speak and act, and relentless in pursuing great relationships and great results for ourselves and our clients. 

Bringing the verbal
and visual together

Once we had the right language, building our visual elements flowed naturally. 

It was all about finding ways to demonstrate how we flex and shape our process to the needs of our clients. Creating an identity kit that has enough range to reflect noise and order for ourselves while promoting our brand to potential clients and talent.

Matching brand to ambition

Our mark and words can stretch and adapt to fill pages. We have a wider range of colour to convey different tones and personalities, and the playful aspect of our nature is far easier to communicate.

It’s been a 18-month journey for the team but we’ve overhauled our brand across all our outputs, social, thought pieces, proposal documents, presentation templates and online. And it will continue to grow and develop as we do. We’ve big ambitions and our determination has only strengthened, now we have a strong brand and identity behind it.

Looking at you

Undertaking this process as a team has sharpened our thinking, opened our minds, and moved us forward in how we operate as a team and business.

We’re on the lookout for clients that want to do the same!

Are you:

  • Unsure that you’re clearly heard and understood by your audience?
  • Feeling as though the purpose behind what you do could carry through better to how your brand speaks and acts?
  • In need of a new perspective or way of thinking about your brand?
  • Seeing that your brand could be better aligned with your strategic imperatives?

If so, we should probably talk…