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Building Legal Brands in the Tech Age

It was an insightful experience to host ‘Building Legal Brands in the Tech Age’ with UKLTA (UK LegalTech Association) discussing the role of brand in the space and some of the practical challenges, opportunities and ambitions from the perspective of founders, lawyers and creatives.

UK Legaltech has experienced significant steps in its maturity as an industry over the past several years, with significant advances in funding, innovation and adoption being made. As the needs of the sector continue to evolve, we ask how brand can be aligned to best serve startups, scale-ups, firms and investors involved in the space.

Many thanks to Sarah OUISDaniel WalkerStephen Dowling Sharan Kaur MBA 🌕 and of course to Lisa (Dowling) Clarke for speaking on our panel and contributing the benefit of your wisdom!

A few key takeaways from the session  💭

1. It’s essential to master the art of explanation—your brand needs to be able to comfortably flex between exposition of your product, and the ‘exec summary’ of the value you can bring.

2. The relationship between your brand and the legal space at large is something you need to carefully consider. Do you want to be seen as a disruptor, or is there more long term strategic value in being seen as a partner or a helper?

3. Take time to get to know your audiences. Even if you think you know the people you’re speaking too well, there is always more that you can do to get closer and really understand their motivations and preferences. Even anecdotal information can sometimes contain the insights you need to really boost your brand’s efficacy.

👉 You can watch the full webinar here.